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“Empowering underprivileged communities with equal opportunities to build better futures”

Over 30% of people in Fiji are currently living in poverty in underdeveloped regions. The Katalyst Foundation (Katalyst) focuses much of its work in these remote, underprivileged communities of Vanua Levu.


Katalyst Foundation is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty. Katalyst, as the name implies, is an agent or force that brings about permanent change. With a vision to plant the seeds for sustainable growth, Katalyst seeks to pursue charitable endeavours that will bring about long-lasting meaningful change. Katalyst seeks to plant the seed that provides hope to the poor and acts as an agent to awaken the conscience of their more fortunate neighbour all through the virtue of charity.

Our aim is to support and empower communities in need by giving them the essentials they need to thrive. The foundation works hard to advance the areas of education, health, social and public welfare, employment and training. Teams on the ground in Fiji are committed to providing much needed assistance as well as effective and immediate disaster relief aid at those crucial moments.


We recognise the importance of ensuring the foundations of communities provide a solid base to build from – starting with access to health services and understanding the impact of good nutrition, education to provide for better employment opportunities, and building the infrastructure needed to support the people of Fiji..

Our commitment - 100% of donations go directly to supporting the Katalyst Foundation’s efforts to alleviate poverty and empower underprivileged communities in Fiji.


The Katalyst Foundation was established by Robert Cromb, one of the founders of KOOKAÏ.  Through the generous support of KOOKAI’s customers and team members we are proud to provide funding for the incredible work of Katalyst in its efforts to alleviate poverty and empower communities.

Together, with your generosity, we believe we can bring about meaningful change.

The decision to establish Katalyst was informed not only due to it being the homeland of one of our founders, but as Fiji is one of our closest neighbours with an alarming 34% (2013-14) of its population living in poverty.

Having experienced life at both ends of the financial spectrum, I concluded some time ago that money does not buy you happiness, but it has provided me with opportunities, experiences, and freedom that I may not have otherwise had.  I’ve observed the growing disparity between those blessed with the good fortune of opportunity and those who, through no fault of their own, are left in a cycle of perpetual poverty.

Coming from one of the poorest island provinces in Fiji, I’ve seen charity groups come and go over the years; giving donations and aid that provide only a temporary solution. Without the skills and knowledge to break the cycle, we fall back into the same struggles all over again once they’ve left. This is why I established Katalyst – the harvester of change - to equip communities with the resources, infrastructure and skills to become self-sufficient and work their way out of poverty once and for all.

I want Katalyst to be the seed that plants hope for the poor, the agent to awaken the conscience of their more fortunate neighbours through the virtue of charity.”

– Rob Cromb, Founder of KOOKAÏ and Katalyst

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